About Us

In 1988 I had just graduated college and began working as a receptionist in a veterinary clinic. One of our clients was a huge male Irish Wolfhound named “Dutch”. Dutch’s owner traveled with work and he boarded with us on several occasions and no one could stand to leave him in the runs in the back. He ended up laying sprawled out on his side in my reception area. Of course, for anyone that has spent any time with one of our IWs they know it was love at first sight. From that point on I knew someday, somehow I would own one of the gentle giants. Many years later after raising collies, showing them, and being involved with collie rescue and then raising dachshunds, I finally had my dream fulfilled of owning an Irish Wolfhound. Mikayla was my first wolfhound and quickly become what we all describe as a ‘hearthound’. We got Mikayla in January of 2002 and it has been a love affair with sighthounds ever since.

If you are interested in Irish wolfhounds, please contact us and we will help you in beginning your journey.

Angela Forrest-Burge, angela@walelafarm.com, 770-786-8667